Just Dance!

I always knew there was something wrong with Lady GaGa, like the fact that she always wears her glasses when performing..well I found out why. MTV did an exclusive and found out GaGa doesn't even know her own dance moves, apparently her 'stunt double', rumored to be Carla Barat, was found in the MTV lounge sans glasses. The rare shot follows;

Of course, both parties have denied being linked to either GaGa or Carla, but what can we say about this candid photo?
A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words. And in this case, it looks like Carla should shed a few chins before attepmting to take the stage again.
  • aidacra

Working Title: Sexcapades and the lifestyle of Carla & Co.

So, pete_meister and I were talking and we came up with. . . a reality show. Which needs a name. Badly.

Why? Who doesn't want to see the day to day life and sexcapades of Carla? Well, I'm sure there's a lot of people but only because they don't know about her yet !

So this new prospective reality TV show. . we have the general idea, as stated above, but it does need a title and some fine tuning before it can be pitched to (fictional)networks.But here, a publicity photo for you!

Looking good so far. . .