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what_a_woman's Journal

What A Woman
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What a fucking waster woman.

A community devoted to discussions regarding the fragile femininity of Carl(a) Ashley Raphael Barât (and related topics).

We're not making this up!

Rules (yes, we know they blow, but buck up, they're not that bad):

1. All posts should be relatively on topic, meaning the focus should be on Carlos' feminine wiles. Of course, slashy findings are more than welcome as well. And as always, feel free to compliment/poke...fun at Carlita's cooch.

2. The LJ-cut: It's here, it's queer, get used to it!
<lj-cut text="Proof That Carl(a) Is A Woman"> Pictorial, textual, or other types of proof go in here</lj-cut>.

3. Please try to control the vitriol when conversing with other members. In other words, keep your bitchiness in check, or we'll be forced to deny you of Carlotta's hot poontang - and we're sure you don't want that. We like flaming, but not that kind of flaming.

4. Leave your reservations at the door - if you're inordinately tight-assed, this community ain't for you. Furthermore, if you're homophobic, don't even bother. Why are you even a fan anyway?

The idea for this community was stolen inspired by: nicks_vagina. Seriously, if you think he's a man, you're wrong!

Questions, comments, and concerns should be directed to: bella_the_cat, cutewhensedated, or dysphasia.

albion_fic: the Britney to our Madonna.

Where does all the lovin' go? Where does all the lovin' go? Straight, straight up Carlos'...

Feel free to promote the fuck out of this community